Custom Software is disrupting your industry

1 maart 2018
Our generation lives in a society of disruptive change. Industries are transforming, and markets are forced to innovate. The magic of custom software has fused technology with capital.

Banks have become software firms. The biggest cab firm in the world, Uber, does not even own a single cab. Car ownership used to be a symbol of independence, but today it is the smartphone: a personal gateway to IT-possibility, which will be available to everyone on earth.

The Chinese social network WeChat is the biggest payment provider in China and besides mobile payments also the biggest booking platform. WeChat is fully fused in China's daily life. These examples illustrate that custom software has a growing influence on our perception and choices. Existing markets have to react on this.  

YTEC uses technology to make a difference in the real world. We empower our clients to take the next step. They depend on our analytical abilities to improve their process so that they can compete in the emerging field.

The software applications we have built for clients have become part of the routine of their staff. Our tools give you options and can support the decisions of your people. As software developers, we design the system that achieves results.