Experienced Backend Developer

About us:

At YTEC Development BV we have a small, but tight team of experienced developers. Everybody works independently on their tasks, but we don’t hesitate to pair program or talk with the team when needed.

Project management at YTEC is facilitating, which means that developers have a lot of freedom and also a high amount of responsibility.

The developers have direct contact with our customers (even working on their site sometimes), which simplifies the communication and speeds up the development. This also gives greater insight into the customer’s workflows and therefore allows for further improvements.

Technology wise we feel comfortable in many different areas, we work with existing IT solutions, but also create a custom software, when there is a clear added value for the customer. An important part of our job is integration of different systems and workflows within the customer’s environment, but also with their partners (e.g. in logistics).

About you:

You are an independent (backend) developer, but don’t hesitate to ask colleagues for help if needed. You are capable of talking with the customers and skilled enough to be able to distinguish if the customer is saying something useful or not.

You like to know your tools well, but you are also willing to learn new technologies, programming languages, protocols or whatever is needed, so that you don't stay behind and end up using the wrong tools for the job.

At YTEC you can become an expert in various technologies and at the same time through collaboration, consultation, documentation and automated tests you ensure that you won’t become indispensable; with this our customers can trust on consistent service from us as a team and you can go on a holiday without having to worry.

  • you look after the importance of our customers at different moments:
  • you like to research with the customer and your colleagues, what problems our customer really has (since those can be different from the ones the customers say they have), what their desired long term plans are and what will be the best way to make them happen
  • you can collaborate with technicians from other companies all over the world while integrating their systems, it happens a lot in logistics for example
  • you don’t mind new challenges
  • you are not afraid to make mistakes, but you are able to turn them into experiences, that you and others can learn and benefit from

We prefer to work with Python/Django, but we also like to work with .NET/C#. We manage our machines with SaltStack, use a combination of Xen, Docker, and VirtualEnv and we monitor our systems with Nagios connected to Voip/SMS/Email. Deployments of our Django-projects is fully automated with Fabric and of course we also have separate acceptance environments.

We chat with Rocket.Chat and use Redmine for ticketing and documentation.

Continuous integration is an important part of our workflow which we use internally, but also help our customers to setup.

The culture at YTEC is informal, pragmatic, technical and solution oriented.