NFI - Forensic material photo app

For NFI we developed a pilot for streamlining the process of taking and processing photos of forensic material

About the project

The NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute) is the laboratory that does forensic research for the Dutch government. All crimes that produced forensic trace material(evidence) are investigated here. To be able to treat trace material in court there has to be imagery of this evidence.

While treating the evidence employees have to do repetitive work in a secure way, because if they do not, evidence can be lost. This can have catastrophic consequences for a case. An employee needs to have a lot of discipline to keep working securely, so the NFI asked YTEC to solve this problem.

We developed a custom application, that ensures an employee doesn't have to think about the order of the process and repetitive tasks are done by the application. By showing only the necessary information, the application ensures a fast and flawless process.