Our story

Discover who we are and the way we work.

Over the years, YTEC has grown into a dedicated team of problem solvers. Working together closely, YTEC helps both Dutch and international organizations take on complex challenges.

We prefer to build custom-made systems based on a rigorous analysis. Our experts take a deep look at the client's business process, to design and build the perfect solution. We tend to work for successful companies that appreciate a thorough approach to software development.

Technology designed by YTEC drives continuous improvement for the client. Our systems give you the means to stay ahead of the changes in your industry. YTEC helps you move forward into the future, with confidence.

At YTEC we aim for perfection. That means that our software experts select the right techniques for the job, write quality code, and prioritize usability. First, we analyze the challenge of the client. We look for a shared commitment to excellence. When we decide to work together, our findings are the basis of a plan to achieve the result step-by-step. We execute the plan with frequent status updates, short lines of communication, and responsive customer service.

How we work

1. Achieve and amaze.

Our work is to boost the value of your business process. We strive to amaze you and amaze ourselves. You will see the difference in your results.

2. A pleasant experience.

We measure success by the great experience of our client, not by the numbers. The experience of working with us and our applications should be pleasant and awesome.

3. Make it future-proof.

Software is causing changes in every aspect of society. It's happening now, and it will happen faster and faster. The experts at YTEC work with these trends every day, and they keep them sharply in view. That is why our team can adapt technological changes to your advantage. Right now, as well as in the future.

4. Driven by perfection.

When it comes to software development, we are idealists. In everything we do, we keep perfection front and center. This image of the perfect solution drives our attention to detail. When a client uses an application made by YTEC, they should feel the ideals that made it real.

5. Keep asking questions.

Careful questions are the key to a successful project. When we step into your world, we can read your thoughts. Then we can reshape your models and transform the way you see your business and market.

6. Take it to the next level.

We use our analytical ability and cutting-edge technology to boost the success of our clients. We think with you, and build a relationship that takes your company to the next level of performance. This can mean adding a sales channel to your business, optimizing a workflow, coupling databases, or automate an entire business process. The biggest gains will come from the automation of multiple tasks with a single software application.

Meet our people

Ying Hao