Privacy policy

This privacy policy explains what kind of data we collect of visitors of and what we do with the data. It is ordered from most to least invasive.

Server logs

Our webservers keep track of all requests that get served. This information is kept on the server and preserved for 200 days. After 200 days it is automatically destroyed.

The data we log:

  • The date+time of the request
  • The full IP address that requested the page
  • The URL that was requested
  • The user agent that was specified in the request

We keep this information in order to debug problems and to detect abuse.

Functional cookies

The website can place cookies your computer to support features of the website, such as CSRF cookies (for preventing abuse while submitting forms) and session cookies (to allow you to log in). The purpose of these cookies are to identify you, they are unique for everybody. We do not use these cookies to track people in any way. At all times you can delete these cookies from your computer.

Usage statistics

We use Google Analytics to collect aggregated statistics about visitors in order to understand how the site is used. This allows us to answers questions such as:

  • What browsers are frequently used (so we know which browsers to test with when we make new pages)
  • What screen resolutions are frequently used (so we can determine if we should add mobile layouts)
  • How fast do pages load

This information is anonymized and aggregated as soon as Google Analytics processes it. We cannot distinguish or track individual users. This data is automatically destroyed after 14 months.

Further questions?

At any time you can contact us if you have questions regarding your privacy.