Working at YTEC

At YTEC we are always working on the most complex systems and integrations and with that improving workflows for our customers in different markets, such as the Wholesale and the Printing industry.

If you would you like to become part of our team, check the careers section on the bottom of this page for any open positions.

Take a look inside

Take ownership and grow!

At YTEC you can grow to become an expert in XYZ, but through collaboration, consultation, documentation en automated tests you ensure that you won’t become indispensable; with this our customers can trust on consistent service from us as a team and you can go on a holiday without having to worry.

YTEC talks

At YTEC we organize events to discuss and share thoughts about different technologies. If you would like to learn and share your thoughts about the different technologies you can join these events. Soon more info about the events will be shared. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date!

Techniques and tooling

We prefer to work with Python/Django, but we also like to work with .NET / C#. We manage our machines with Salt-Stak and we monitor our systems with Nagios connected to Voip/SMS/Email. Deployments of our Django-projects is fully automated with Fabric.