Let's work together

We have multiple services we can provide


Setting up an endpoint to make data available to specific users or the outside world.


Integrations between different IT systems.


Creating a concept and functional design of an application.


A website to inform or to provide users with products or services.

Connections to partners

Connect multiple systems to improve your external company processes.

E-business strategy

Strategic orientation and consultancy about the next e-business steps for your organization.

The team you will be working with

Project managers

For managing the project. The project manager is facilitating the communication between programmer/designer and the customer.

SVG Illustration
SVG Illustration


For implementing of an application, both front- and back-end. For the designing of integrations and / or connections.


For coming up with wireframes, prototypes and for designing a userfriendly application.

SVG Illustration

Your dedicated IT team


100 hours Dedicated IT team & software development


1200 hours Dedicated IT team & software development


Accelerate Dedicated IT team & software development

What you can expect

Agile / Scrum

Short 2 week sprints to reach certain targets.

Short communication lines

Talk to a developer or designer directly.


Keeping a backlog of all the components that have yet to be developed.

Monthly & Weekly Standup

Small weekly updates and one big monthly update to see how your project is progressing.