YTEC and Django

We have a preference for Django, here's why.

What is Django

Django is a web-framework—a big collection of tools, code and methods for laying down a website or a web application in a thorough way. It delivers a web skeleton complete with all sorts of standard options that everybody needs. For example, out of the box, Django comes with user authentication, database abstraction, testing tools and error handling.

All this means a developer doesn’t have to waste time and can focus on the unique issues of the customer.

  • Prevents many security issues
  • Many modules to supplement the framework
  • Wins in popularity. Becomes the standard language in more and more disciplines
  • Completely open source. This means we can always influence the underlying code

Security is top priority

To YTEC, security is highly valued and Django helps us with that. Django prevents many security risks in a systemic way. Take for example SQL injections, the number 1 of the OWASP top 10. This often made programming mistake is completely taken out of the question by Django’s ORM/QuerySet system. The templating-system of Django helps to prevent Cross Site Scripting-problems and passwords are saved hashed and salted by default, by PBKDF2. Django makes us sleep much more sound at night.

Extensive ecosystem

We think it’s a waste of our time to keep reinventing the wheel. This is why we are happy Django is delivered with a lot of standard parts for building websites. It means we can use our time to find unique solutions for our customers. Besides this, there is a vast ecosystem around Django and Python, so you can always find a package that solves your problems.

Open source

As true nerds it is great that Django is open source. If at any time unexpected things happen, we always have the opportunity to take a peak under the hood, to find out which gear messes it up. Because of our competency in Python en Django, the problem is quickly solved. This is the difference between debugging something for a few hours or debugging it for a few weeks.

Django is used by big names

We are not the only one who appreciate Django. How about Instagram, Disqus or Mozilla? Big websites that are running with Django's help - because scalability is also not a problem with Django.

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